Our Company

Resource Partners, LLC entered into IT consulting in 1989.   With a solid understanding of business operations, Resource Partners initially focused on automating health care practices to provide the customary data processing applications as well as adding internal marketing and practice development functions.  The consulting practice expanded to include all healthcare operations with an emphasis in cost effective staffing, patient flow, patient-centered care delivery and process improvement relative to technology adoption.  Resource Partners, LLC is currently working with several hospital-based and independent physician practices facilitating the electronic health record and PCMH adoption process.

Resource Partners has conducted workshops and training sessions covering all aspects of Medical Practice Management gaining a substantial reputation in the industry.  Resource Partners has personnel and contract relationships and experience with providing physician practices with claims filing, financial management, operational management, information systems management, and human resources management.  Within each area of expertise we are able to provide an appropriate level of service for any health care practice, from consulting and supervising projects to day-to-day operational functions.  Resource Partners has built physician networks touching over 75,000 providers from all specialties.  Resource Partners through its Team of Partners continue to the Performance Focused Physician Network that provide professional solutions to MSOs, ACOs, and MCOs.

In 2011 Resource Partners, LLC was one of several healthcare organizations listed in the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative PCMH Resource Guide, Putting Theory into Practice.  In that same year Resource Partners, LLC launched a Division, Medical Home Development Group, LLC to address the Patient Centered Care movement.

Resource Partners’ team of consultants continue to support practice transformation as Certified Content Experts for National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) along with serving on the  PCPCC’s Cabinet for Patients, Families and Consumers as well as NCQA’s PCMH 2014 Standards Committee.  PCPCC Affiliation 

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